Premises Liability

Property owners and managers are responsible for maintaining a safe, hazard-free environment. Failure to do so puts people at risk of suffering from entirely preventable injuries. Simply stated, premises liability holds the owner and tenants liable for accidents that could have been prevented on their property.

If an unsafe condition cannot be repaired or has not yet been fixed, the property owner must provide an adequate warning to visitors. Every day, innocent people are seriously injured by the negligent actions of property owners

When you visit someone’s property in Arizona, the last thing you expect is to sustain a life-changing injury. There are many types of injury which may happen on another's property as a result of negligence. These could include slip and fall accidents, injuries caused by inadequate security, unsafe buildings, fires, open wells or holes, or elevator or escalators not function properly. Unfortunately, in the blink of an eye, a property owner’s negligence can cause you serious physical and mental trauma. 

Each fact can carry significant weight in determining liability. Even though an individual suffers an injury on a particular property does not mean winning the case will be automatic. The primary issue within all premises liability cases is one of responsibility.

Our Scottsdale law firm will make sure that we determine who is responsible and obtain you the proper compensation.  Some issues that occur in premises liability case include the percentage of comparative negligence that the defendants can successfully argue to the court.  When it is apparent that a settlement may be necessary, often times the next component of defense becomes shifting blame onto the plaintiff.  Insurance company adjusters understand what factors can impact the total value of a personal injury claim, even when the claim is valid.

While all property owners do have a general duty of care towards visitors or even residents on their property here in Arizona, those with good records and reasonable presentation of proper upkeep can sometimes defend negligence claims concerning upkeep and maintenance. 

There must always be an element of negligence on the part of the property owner stemming from a valid duty of care. Our Scottsdale firm’s experience will help prove the negligence of the property owner and minimize any comparative fault that the other party tries to put on you.  We do this by hiring experts, obtaining witness statements and preserving evidence including any video and photographic evidence. 

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