Construction Accidents

Construction sites are dangerous places.  The long hours are tiring coupled with the high-traffic areas full of hazards ranging from heavy equipment to falling debris, while risks also abound from the difficult conditions, extreme temperatures and elevated heights.   Often, it is not clear who is responsible for safety. When you are injured on a construction site, the harm can be more severe than you may think.

According to the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA), the federal administrative agency responsible for the implementation of policies and procedures to ensure the safety of workers on construction sites and other businesses, the leading causes of death and serious injury on construction sites were falls, being struck by an object, and electrocution.

There are many reasons these accidents occur. It could be defective equipment, improper safety, lack of training and negligence on the part of the construction company. 

Each site should be inspected and provide safety programs. Contractors are required to coordinate job safety and supervise compliance with safety regulations. Unfortunately not all sites are as safe as they should be and sometimes safety regulations are ignored.

When there is a construction site accident those responsible could include the owners, architects, general contractor, sub-contractor, project manager or manufacturer of equipment. It is necessary to investigate the causes of the accident and identify who is at fault.

Injuries sustained from construction accidents may include brain injuries, neck and back injuries, quadriplegic injuries and paraplegic injuries; broken bones, such as wrist, arm, ankle and hip fractures; and sometimes even death.

Our Arizona firm can determine if there is a third- party claim available against that other person or business. The rules for this can be complicated. Third party claims require proving who was at fault in causing the injury and must be carefully investigated. We  know how to investigate the circumstances and prove who is responsible when, for example, a worker falls into an unguarded hole, or a scaffold collapses, or someone is electrocuted or injured by an explosion or in countless other ways at a construction site

Construction injury cases may a shorter statute of limitations than other types of claims if it is against a municipality, county, or state; moreover, there may also be a worker’s compensation component involved, which also has some requirements beyond one year.  For instance, if the case is not filed in year one, a reassignment of benefits from the workers compensation carrier is a requirement.  Litigating a construction accident case is difficult, complicated and expensive.  The Law Office of A.J. Mitchell has handled numerous construction cases.  Working with experts is key to a successful result. 

Our Scottsdale firm will work with you to ensure that you receive the benefits you’re entitled to receive and that you are fairly compensated for the injuries you sustained.

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